All Change in GTE Pro

The GTE Pro class is set to be more competitive during the race after officials made sweeping changes to the regulations at the last minute.

The decision was made to change the Balance of Performance (BoP) rules after qualifying showed massive differences in pace between some of the cars. The new rules are intended to equalise both power developed and stint length in order to make the senior GT class a fairer and more interesting affair.

The brand new Ford GTs, which will occupy four of the top five class grid slots at race start today, have been penalised with an extra 5kg to their base weight and a lower allowable boost pressure.

The Ferrari 488s of AF Corse, which were the only challengers to the Ford's dominance, have been handed a massive 25kg weight penalty but will be allowed to pump four more litres of fuel into the tanks at each stop. At the other end of the scale both Corvette and Aston Martin will be allowed to run slightly larger air restrictors which should allow more power to be developed. Both Corvette and Porsche will also be allowed to run larger fuel tanks.

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